Research Engineer, 3D Computer Vision / SLAM

San Jose, California, United States


SAIC Motors is the largest car manufacturer in China selling more than 6 million cars annually. SAIC USA is a fully owned subsidiary that engages in research and development for cutting edge technologies such as autonomous driving and Human Computer Interfaces. We have an opening at our Innovation Center in San Jose, CA in the Autonomous Driving team.

As a Research Engineer, you will utilize your expertise in the field of robotics, computer vision, deep learning and AI to some of the most challenging problems in automated driving. Working at SAIC Innovation Center, you will innovate with engineers at the top of their fields in motion control and machine learning. You will be creating new technologies through algorithm and software development that integrates your expertise in 3D computer vision to build a map using multiple sensors such as stereo cameras and Lidar sensors. You will also develop novel algorithms to localize the car in this map and integrate other recognized objects such as traffic signs, cars, and pedestrians in this map.


SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

Visual Odometry

GPS and inertial navigation

3D computer vision

Lidar data (point clouds) processing

Preferred qualifications

Fundamentals in 3D geometry and linear algebra

Strong expertise in nonlinear optimization

Strong expertise in Bayesian filtering such as KF, EKF, and particle filter

Experience with computer vision libraries such as OpenCV and PCL

Experience with deep learning and GPU programming

ROS / Linux experience

Ability to understand and implement complex algorithms efficiently and correctly

Comfortable working in an environment where problems are not always well-defined.

Inquisitive, proactive, and interested in learning new tools and techniques

These roles will challenge the boundaries of your problem-solving, and will be rewarding as your prototype creations are transitioned and deployed in real-world environments. When you join the SAIC team, you will discover all the benefits, rewards and development opportunities you’d expect from a diverse global leader. You’ll become part of a fast paced team that is pushing the boundaries of technologies and customer experience.


Competitive Salary, Medical Benefits, FSA, 401K, Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance.

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